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The Fidelity General Mortgage Team is your premier reverse mortgage team located in San Diego, California. We are committed to quality customer service and putting the needs of the people we serve first. We will always adhere to the highest degree of integrity in all of our business dealings.

When it comes to Reverse Mortgages, education is the key. Our pledge to you, is to complete the education process, so you are able to make an informed decision. We always encourage prospective clients to invite family members to be a part of the discussion with us during the education process.

Serving all of San Diego County

 A. All applicants must be 62 or older.

 B. Credit History is not now a factor in loan approval.

 C. Your benefit is determined by the value of your home and your actuarial life expectancy. Once the loan is funded your benefit is guaranteed for life, no matter how long you live.

 D. You do not have to own your home "free and clear". 

 E. Your income is not now a factor in your approval.

 F. Property must be in lendable condition. In California this is seldom an issue.

 F. Existing Mortgages - Back Taxes - Other Liens and Consumer debt can be paid from the loan proceeds.

 G. Benefit options include Monthly Income, A Lump Sum of Cash at closing, A Line of Credit or a combination of the above.

 H. A Pest Control Inspection and Clearance may be required.

 I. You retain control of your property. You can sell your home or pay off your reverse mortgage at any time. You or your Estate will retain any equity remaining in the property.

 J. You can not outlive a Reverse Mortgage. Your benefit is guaranteed for as long as you live.

 K. You must obtain a Counseling Certificate from an independent 3rd party before applying. H.U.D. & F.H.A. want you to understand the process before you apply. This is also a fraud prevention measure. HUD/FHA does not want Senior Citizens to be taken advantage of by Con Men. We are able to assist you in obtaining the required counseling which can be done by telephone or in person.

 L. There are 2 types of Reverse Mortgage. FHA insured and "Jumbo" We provide access to both.

 M. There are no "Application Fees" on a Reverse Mortgage. If you are asked for money up front by any lender be very wary.

 N. Most owner occupied properties qualify including: Single Family Detached, Condo's including Manufactured Home Park developments, Town Homes, Manufactured on permanent foundations sited on land  you own, Duplex, tri-plex and 4-plex as long as you occupy 1 unit. Condo projects now need H.U.D. approval before a loan may close.      

For Information: Call Ken Terrill - 800-481-9999 or  619-299-9041. Weekends and evenings I can be reached at 619-299-3863 which rings to my home.

Ken Terrill

Serving Senior Citizens since 1994.

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